Kelly Miller, Professional Organizer 2024
Kelly Miller, Professional Organizer

About Kelly


As a professional organizer who strives to live and work in ways that promote personal, home and environmental well-being, I like to focus on integrating practices of simplicity, health and sustainability with my clients so the home is a true haven of rest and peace.

I am passionate about eco-friendly methods and materials! Living with the future in mind is becoming imperative and can increase your quality of life today and in many cases save you money and time.

If you want easier, long-lasting, cleaner, greener ways to manage the home and organize in a way that fits your personal taste and budget, book a free assessment call with me today!


I can help:

🌱 Your habits and values come together

🌱 Environmentally Conscious Organizing & home management more convenient and simple for you

🌱 Level up your Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose, Refuse & Recycle efforts

🌱 Be a resource when you have a question or need to make a more informed decision

Together, let’s identify and simplify tasks that allow you to better balance your home life and your well-being, while being kinder to the environment.

 What are you waiting for?

Organizing sessions available by appointment


NAPO National Member
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