How long will it take to complete my project?

Your project is unique to your situation, space, and personality. Each organizing project is different, so that can be a difficult question to answer. A typical small pantry usually takes one session. A bedroom, large closet, or multi-use room could take several sessions. Larger projects such as moving or downsizing often take several months. The speed in which you can make decisions also plays a factor.

What types of containers should I buy?

Don’t buy a thing! You may likely already have containers around the house that can be used as part your final solution. Though you may end up making some purchases, it’s best to wait until you see what items you have to store, how you want to store them, and where they will go.

How should I prepare for your first visit?

Although you may be tempted to clean up before the initial consultation, resist that urge. It’s important for the organizer to understand the disorganization you face. Instead, it may be helpful to record your reasons why you want to get organized, or what you want your end goal to be.

Are you insured?

Hop To It Organizers, LLC is fully insured.

Will you think my space is the worst you’ve ever seen?

We are non-judgmental, compassionate, and focused on you, not your stuff. We bring understanding, support, and encouragement to you.

How can an organizer help me?

If you’ve attempted to get organized multiple times and are frustrated that you continue to go back to your old ways, an organizer can work with you to:

  • identify your natural inclinations of organization and then make adaptations to compliment those inclinations
  • teach you new skills, techniques, habits, and thought patterns that will help you live as you desire
  • Help you integrate and cement new thought patterns and behaviors

When moving or downsizing, we can help alleviate some of the stress involved by assisting with decluttering, communicating with moving companies, and setting up your new residence (local).

Will I have to throw away my things?

Creating the space that’s just right for you, moving, downsizing, and choosing to age in place will most likely entail letting go of some items. During the organizing process you’ll decide what goes to donation, to sell, or continues on to family or others. You make every decision and are in complete control of what stays and what goes. During the process, we want to support you in your decisions, and help provide guidance.

Why is it worth the cost?

  • Getting organized is an investment in yourself and a benefit to those close to you
  • By getting organized and maintaining an organized space, your time is spent doing the things you enjoy and that are important to you
  • You will enjoy increased productivity and a sense of accomplishment
  • You might save a little money because you’ll no longer buy duplicate items you don’t need
  • You’ll be able to find what you need quickly and easily
  • You may free yourself from paying for a storage unit full of items you never use or enjoy
  • You’ll gain new skills, habits, and thinking patterns to last throughout your life
  • We can help you live the life you envision for yourself.

What happens after we are done with my project?

Maintaining your organized space takes practice, and often needs tweaking over time. We may follow up with you in the weeks and months following the completion of your project. If you need help adjusting a system, we will happily work with you to refine your solution.

In addition, if after your project has concluded and you need to move on to other work or areas in your situation, we may be able to recommend other highly qualified professionals so that you can continue along your path smoothly.

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