How to Set Goals That Stick!

A Guide on How to Stick to Your Goals!

Goal setting has been around for many years. In fact, a man by the name of Edwin Locke published the first paper on SMART goals in 1968 called, “Toward a Theory of Task Motivation and Incentives”. Locke stated that he believed that appropriately set goals resulted in superior organized performances.

Creating goals can be somewhat challenging, but that’s just the first step. Sticking to your goals can be even more challenging.

Don’t worry, I have a few tip and tricks for you to maintain your focus and achieve your goal.

Let’s start off by discussing why it’s a good idea to set a goal.

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Resolutions VS. Goals – Which Is Better?


It’s that time of year once again, the time where you could be creating your New Year’s resolution.

You’ll hear people saying their resolution is to be more organized, something simple.

Some people are also setting goals for the New Year. An example of a goal is when someone says, “My goal is to organize 3 rooms in 6 months”

Do you know the difference between making a resolution and setting a goal? Do you know how to create a SMART and effective goal? If your answers are no, don’t worry, keep reading and you’ll find all the answers you need.

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4 Ways To Overcome The Endowment Effect to Declutter Better

stack of sweaters

This post explores the endowment effect, what it is, and how it can cause clutter to build up. We’ll also learn four ways to combat the endowment effect to declutter better.

My Vintage Sweater Set

Let’s start with a quick story.

I have a sweater set hanging in my closet, which my mother wore when she was in high school. After high school, she held onto it. She gave it to me to wear when I was in high school. I wore it a few times. Then, it was my turn to save it. I hung it up in my closet.

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10 Habits to Stay Organized

stay organized

Ok, so you’ve decluttered, sorted, and organized your stuff. Now, how do you stay organized?

Becoming more organized is a journey and not an end point. While backsliding is normal, and your organizational systems will need to be tweaked periodically, here are ten habits to keep everything in check and stay organized.

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