More than physical organization

I originally hired Michelle to organize the shared family areas of the house.  I had recently discovered that I have ADD and we both soon realized that my lack of time management and prioritization skills were the culprit of my disorganization.   This is where Michelle really shines.  With Michelle’s objective problem solving approach and large breadth of knowledge regarding systems, identifying priorities, and tricks she was able to tailor solutions that are working exceptionally well for me.   Now that I have structures and habits that enable me to identify and prioritize tasks, I am significantly more efficient and calm.  Because of Michelle I am better at managing myself and my family responsibilities.  I never thought that the organized physical spaces in my home would turn out to be the secondary benefit and not the first!


Family Room

Working with Michelle was a wonderful experience. She shared so many valuable organizational tips along the way that I feel much more confident in my abilities to maintain the space we worked on. Thank you so much, Michelle!


Living Room Area

My living room area was chaotic and in total disarray when Ms. Rosen arrived. She and I worked diligently during the four hour(s) time span. My living area has been organized ever since she departed.



My wife said we have to downsize. “We can’t leave all this for the children to do afterwards.” Plus we had two large storage units which were costing us $550 a month. We couldn’t remember what we had. When we couldn’t find it, we’d say, “It must be in storage.” We dreaded the task before us. We enlisted Michelle Rosen of Hop To It Organizers. Now our children have what they want; some stuff went to antique dealers and charities. We no longer have storage units. More important, the process was exhilarating! We have a new language. “Do you love it.” “Allow someone else to enjoy it.” “How many letter openers do you need?” With Michelle’s task oriented planning approach plus her psychological moxie we found improved communication a better marriage and certainly a more organized home.


Captain of our ship

You gave us a plan of where and how to begin. You were able to conceptualization the big picture and break it down to the interlocking tasks. You helped us be able to work more productively with each other. Moving was a huge hurdle for us and you were always able to be supportive and positive.

You were so knowledgeable about community resources and ways they could provide needed services.

… we had a Captain of our ship … an expert [who] gave us direction. We feel “lighter” after being helped to let go of possessions we did not need. And feel good that others would benefit from our donations. A huge benefit was the skillful and imaginative staging which transformed the house. We believe it “sold” our home within a few days it was put on the market. Your recommendation of our realtor enabled excellent communication among all businesses involved in the actual sale of the property.