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Smooth Transition

You already know that moving is a major life stress event.

Let us help reduce your concerns. Choose from four modules in our “Perfect Move” Moving Program. Combine to fit your situation.

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“Perfect Move” Moving Program

We know, no move is “perfect”. Luckily, we can help make it better than if you were doing it alone.

Our “Perfect Move” organizing services are like the bread on a sandwich, helping you with organizing tasks before and after your move.

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Preparing to Move

Preparing for a move is one of the best opportunities to take stock of what you own and edit down. Our professional organizers can help this process by helping you sort through and organize each room of your home.

If you are pressed for time with a busy schedule, we can do pre-sorts for you so it’s easier to make decisions on what to pack.

We can help you make decisions and, most importantly, deal with the feelings of overwhelm that often surface, as we work in a planned and systematic manner.

Module 1: New Space Furniture Layout Plan

  • Know in advance which pieces of furniture will fit nicely in your new home and where they will go
  • Visualize how you will live and function in your new home
  • Give the movers and other helpers a clear idea of where and how to place furnishings

Module 2: Pre-Move Organizing

  • Feel lighter and less stressed with our help to sort, de-clutter, disperse and organize your household furnishings and items
  • Pack more efficiently – fewer boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, and other supplies are needed (saving you money)
    • We can help pack unbreakables
  • Get the truck loaded faster (because everything is organized)
  • Lessen, or even eliminate non-essential items, leaving you with the furniture and household items you truly need, want, use, and love

Module 3: Move Management & Coordination Services

  • Receive informed recommendations on vetted and researched vendors and related services, whom we trust and regularly work with
  • Rely on an experienced and detail oriented move coordinator who keeps track of all the activity that goes on surrounding and on your move day
  • Learn staging and home readiness tips for a great listing photo shoot and potential buyer walk-throughs (up to %90 of buyers shop a home online before deciding to see it in person)

Module 4: Post-Move Unpack & Put Away

  • We’ll focus on function by primarily unpacking and putting away items for your kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms
  • Sleep well the first night in your home, then wake up the next day and have your coffee (Our team made up your bed and unpacked and put away your kitchen essentials on the day of your move)
  • Have a more functional home faster, without an aching back
  • Moving boxes are broken down and packing paper is bagged. We’ll store moving supplies away from traffic patterns and living spaces

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There are many more benefits that you can experience when you choose to work with our team.

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Contact us today to discuss your project needs. Customized packaging options are available.

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