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What’s in a Name?

When you’re making a change, start small. A little hop can set you on your way. Keep making hops and you’ll get closer to your intended result.

“Hop to it” means to get to something quickly. A hop is an action, however small, towards what you want to achieve. We believe this is true in anything we’re trying to achieve in life.

In order for you to “hop to it”, you’ll need to know what “it” is. In other words, what’s your vision? We help you set clear, achievable outcomes and goals.

With the right goals, set the right way, for the right reasons, you can have successful outcomes and ultimately, feel happier and more satisfied.

The Story of Our Logo

Your space should support how you live and work. You deserve a home you and your family can call your haven.

Our logo is in the shape of a house. A house rests on a strong foundation supporting the structure, with all its framing and materials, the furniture and appliances that go inside, and the people who live in it.

Similarly, we here at Hop To It provide a supportive foundation for you. We help you make choices, organize and reach higher levels of productivity. With outcomes like that, you can be happier and less stressed.

You make a hop, then reflect, adapt if you need to, cycle back, and make another hop. Keep hopping, keep improving, continue to persist, looking back to inform your future.

The house contains a dashed line that appears to hop.

The line represents our philosophy of diving in and starting small and a sense of optimism. We guide you step by step through cycles of continuous improvement so you can see your successes grow.

Having a positive frame of mind helps you go along and keep at it. We provide motivational support during and after the process so you can keep going.

An organized office can provide you with a place to think creatively, get important work done, communicate more effectively with others, and create more wealth.

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Hop To It professional organizers dedicated to providing exceptional, customized organizing and productivity services to our home and business clients.

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Our mission is to collaborate with our clients as they strive for order, organization, increased productivity, and calm well-being in lives and businesses.

Our goal is to collaborate with our clients, share knowledge, and help remove impediments during their organizing process or transitional event.