Moving Kit: The Perfect Move Program

Moving kit essentials to help you organize for an easier transition to your new home

Moving Box Inventory Sheet


  • Write the number of the box in consecutive order starting at 1
  • Write the inventory number on the corresponding moving box on each of the 4 sides with a black permanent marker
  • Write the room where the box should go at the destination
  • If you’re using numbered room labels, write the room number on the top right of the sheet
  • Write the main contents, not every little thing
  • When the box is unloaded at the destination, place a checkmark in the “Unloaded?” column
  • Make sure all boxes have a checkmark and are accounted for before you let the helpers take off
Moving Box Inventory Number

Room Labels (Numbered 1 – 20)


  • Write the name of the room on the line at the top (Bedroom, Bathroom 1, Kitchen, etc…) in bold marker with block letters
  • Insert into page protectors for extra durability
  • Use painters tape or wall putty to affix to a door frame or wall where helpers can clearly see the labels
  • If you’re using color-coding dots, stick them on the top right corner

First Night Checklist


  • Use this list to pack items you’ll need for the first night and first few days in your new home
  • Use the white space to add any specifics not already listed