Our Team

Step into the world of Hop To It Organizers, LLC, where we’re not just tidying up spaces – we’re orchestrating a symphony of order for your life! Picture this: a team of professional organizers turning chaos into a masterpiece of organization. We don’t just organize; we curate spaces that breathe tranquility.

At Hop To It, we’re the architects of balance, and we believe a clutter-free environment is your ticket to a harmonious life. So, ready to hop on board and transform your space into a haven of order? Let’s do this!

Our Outstanding Team of Professional Organizers Are Here for You!

Holly Degner
Professional Organizer

Mt. Airy, MD - Holly has the keen ability to visualize possibilities and provide creative solutions. She brings positive energy and enthusiasm in helping others (including people and pets) She is compassionate, genuine, honest, happy and creative.

Kelly Miller
Professional Organizer

Laurel, MD - Kelly believes the process of organizing a space can be therapeutic and loves the satisfaction of  seeing the results. She gives 100% in her work, is enthusiastic, empathic, detail-oriented and aesthetically inclined.

Heather Stedman
Professional Organizer

Crofton, MD - Heather has an eye for detail and design honed from her experience in organizing, staging and interior design. She's patient, friendly, independent, creative and positive.

Melanie Welch
Professional Organizer

Columbia, MD - Melanie is a people person and extremely patient (due to experience as a teacher of 3-5 year old's!) She prefers to complete tasks and leave nothing unfinished. She is creative, patient, passionate, friendly and hardworking.

Helana Zagami
Professional Organizer

Brinklow, MD - Helana is passionate about organizing and creating efficient systems. Her empathetic and non-judgmental nature creates a safe space where people can feel freedom to be themselves. She has an infectious sense of humor and enjoys laughing and making people laugh.