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4 Ways To Overcome The Endowment Effect to Declutter Better

This post explores the endowment effect, what it is, and how it can cause clutter to build up. We’ll also learn four ways to combat the endowment effect to declutter better. My Vintage Sweater Set Let’s start with a quick

What to Do When Picking up and Putting Away Isn’t Keeping You Organized

Picking Up

In this post, I will discuss some things to do when picking up and putting away isn’t keeping you organized. Picking up and putting away is different from decluttering and organizing. When the amount of stuff surrounding you causes overwhelm and makes you

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Is it Time to Clean Out Your Storage Unit?

What Are You Using Your Storage Unit For? This post explores the pros and cons of having an off-site storage unit. If you have one, should you keep it or should you clean it out and let it go? It

Take Charge of Your Battery Situation

February 18th is National Battery Day Since February 18th is National Battery Day, I’d like to take this great opportunity to address battery storage and disposal. Start saving yourself time, money, and aggravation the next time you’re looking for a battery