Create Your Vision Board for 2021

Create Your Vision Board for 2021

It’s rough out there right now, but you can have a vision for a better world for yourself and others. Begin with intention and introspection by creating a vision board.

You can do this exercise by yourself or with others. Grab my free 6 page guide to help you create your vision board.

Why create a vision board? Read the reason vision boards work.

Free Vision Board Planner Download:

Your board can be either a physical board, such as a bulletin board or poster board or you can go digital with it. Be creative with it! If you opt for a physical board, you can go outside the box and create pages in a notebook or sketchpad. Use magnets on a whiteboard or insert pictures into a flip photo album.

Go online with friends and make a party out of it and share your visions with each other. It’s a great way to connect.

Or grab some well deserved solitude for yourself and hide away from the business of life while you create.

2021 Vision Board Planner

Have fun with it and be amazed when your visions come to life. What you pay attention to expands, so pay attention to the visions you have for yourself and the world around you.

Supplies you’ll need if you’re creating a physical vision board include scissors, glue, magazines, pictures or phrases printed out from the internet, and your chosen board material.

If you’re going the digital route you’ll need access to photos on sites such as Unsplash or Pixel and a location to collect your vision images and words. You could use Canva, Google Docs or Word document.

Download the free planner here:

What visions are important to you this year? Leave comments below:

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