Quitting Your Way To Success

Quitting Your Way To Success
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We’re raised to think and consider quitting as giving in and a negative trait. That quitters are losers. So, we push on, trudging along, often struggling with the activity or work, never really moving forward or having success. We are led to believe it’s a personal failure and we aren’t successful. This sometimes translates to negative self thoughts, or we imbibe a belief we aren’t good enough, are no good at something, we then become risk averse and stop trying new things or learning.

Quitting to Move Forward

We fail to understand that quitting is actually a great way of moving forward. We can gain heath, self worth, and peace of mind. Similar to the productivity mindset of deleting and moving on, quitting can mean letting go of whatever is holding us back and allows us to move forward. We can regain our focus and center. Then put our attention and energy towards what is meaningful and useful.

Quitting Your Way To Success

Once we’ve quit activities or behavior that no longer works, or useful we can look towards creating new behaviors and finding new activities. This includes keeping our home and work spaces in order.

Quitting a mindset or behavior allows us to get out of our own way by removing obstacles we’re tripping over. Here the obstacles are of our own making, in our thinking. We’ve built barriers to new ways by continuing with things that are no longer useful. By stopping we can create more clarity four ourselves and find new ways. New habits can help us keep on top of paper, handle mail, and the usual tide of mess.

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